Acceptance Letters: Parents, college and letting go

Elizabeth Weinstein

Hometown  —  Tully, New York

Elizabeth Weinstein and her husband have a daughter who is a recent Kenyon graduate and a son who is a Kenyon junior. As there are only two offspring in the family, the house is quieter than it has been in a long time. Weinstein was born in Iowa City, grew up mostly in New Jersey, and now lives in Central New York, where she is the editor of a regional magazine. She spent her undergraduate years at Carleton College and earned a master's from the University of Minnesota.

Small Town America, Big Town Kenyon

By Elizabeth Weinstein on February 1, 2014

Kenyon is not a small town. Gambier isn’t even a small town. This may come as a surprise to city or suburban parents who think they are sending their children to the quintessential New England-style school in a small town in Ohio. But Kenyon (and Gambier) are not Main Street, America, and you won’t find Homer Price’s donut-making machine in the shop on the corner with the accompanying 25-cent cup of coffee.

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