Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Natalie Kane

Class of 2018
Major  —  Drama and History
Hometown  —  Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

Once near the beginning of high school, I told my mom that I wanted a college with a campus, but not in the middle of a cornfield. So that may not have turned out quite the way I anticipated… When in doubt you can usually find me in rehearsal for a play, ballroom dancing at the KAC, or camped out with piles of history reading in the Watson common room. A few of my highlights of the past two and a half years (has it really been that long?) include posing for a picture with President Decatur while dressed as a Sith lord, directing a one-act in under 12 hours, harvesting potatoes at the Kenyon Farm, performing at an outdoor theatre in Athens, and meeting a Starfleet captain in Wiggin Street Coffee.

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