Campus Report

Posted in March 2017

Staff and Faculty Campus Climate and Sexual Assault Survey Results

By Office of Communications on March 22, 2017

In October 2016, Kenyon faculty and staff members were invited to participate in an anonymous survey regarding the campus climate and sexual assault. Of the 767 employees invited to participate, 359 completed the survey for a 46.8 percent response rate. The intention of the survey was to better understand faculty and staff perceptions of Kenyon’s climate concerning unwanted sexual contact and sexual misconduct, how Kenyon addresses and responds to sexual assault, and whether and how often employees have experienced sexual misconduct and relationship violence while working.

Response to Rescinded Transgender DCL

By Office of Communications on March 3, 2017

On Feb. 22, 2017 the Trump administration rescinded the May 13, 2016 Dear Colleague Letter that outlined specific guidance related to transgender students at schools and colleges receiving federal funding. While many of us consider this decision to be a significant setback for LGBTQ+ rights, we are writing to affirm that Kenyon will continue to support all members of our campus community.