Campus Report

2020-21 Update: Revised aid packages and other financial support

Office of Communications
August 11, 2020

Dear Kenyon College students and families,

As we prepare for the fall semester, we have sought to support our students as they navigate unprecedented challenges, including financial hardship. While it would be impossible to insulate any of us from the economic realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken steps where possible to ease the burden. 

Since our last communication we have worked closely with students and families who had emergency expenses associated with COVID-19 and the transition to remote study this past spring. We have also reviewed with care a significant number of financial aid appeals. As always, it is our pleasure to work with our Kenyon students and families, particularly during these extraordinary times, in recognizing the impact on college affordability.

Our revised budget for fiscal year 2021 incorporates reserves for financial aid, including contingencies for students with more financial need than might have been expected before the pandemic. In light of the updated campus plan, the following financial adjustments will be applied during the 2020-2021 academic year:

  • A one-time tuition credit — 10 percent, or $3,040 per semester — will be applied to students’ accounts in recognition of changes to the campus experience. This credit will be reflected on the billing statement to be issued before the end of the month. 

  • The student activities fee ($150 per semester) will be charged for only the semester(s) students are on campus. 

  • Room and board will be charged for only the semester students are in residence; all rooms will be set at the double-occupancy residence hall rate ($2,710 per semester), even though all students will receive singles. 

  • The financial aid calculation of students who qualify for need-based aid will include a $2,000 personal allowance to offset indirect costs associated with the remote semester. 

  • All students with student employment (work-study) as part of a need-based financial aid package will have the student employment expectation reduced to $0 during the remote semester and replaced with a refundable need-based employment grant to be issued as a check to the student by the end of September.

In the coming days, the Office of Financial Aid will receive updated enrollment plans for all students and finalize the repackaging of aided students, including responding to all pending special circumstances appeals.

We know that this time of unprecedented uncertainty has been challenging for many students and their families. We trust that the additional sources of financial support outlined above will be helpful during the academic year. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with the Office of Financial Aid at if you have any questions.


Diane Anci
Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

Craig Slaughter
Director of Financial Aid