Campus Report

Department of Education issues new Title IX regulations

Dear Kenyon community,

Today the Department of Education issued new federal regulations regarding the enforcement of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and mandated institutional compliance by Aug. 14, 2020. The full regulations are available for review here (PDF), and the final rule’s guiding principles are available here (PDF).

We recognize this news comes at a time in the semester when many are preoccupied with the close of the academic year, in addition to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a reminder, during this time of remote instruction and engagement, you remain protected from discrimination and/or harassment as detailed in the College’s Sexual Misconduct and Harassment policy and Notice of Non-Discrimination.

The proposed federal regulations were published in November 2018, and the College has been preparing for their issuance since then. Prior to spring break, Kenyon’s Office for Civil Rights reviewed anticipated policy changes with groups including: Student Council, Campus Senate, Staff Council, Faculty Executive Committee, and Alumni Council. We are carefully reviewing the finalized federal regulations and will communicate about necessary changes for Kenyon’s policy and process in the coming weeks. A set of FAQs regarding the new federal regulations also is available on Kenyon’s Title IX webpage.

Please know that Kenyon’s Office for Civil Rights is open and available to answer any questions you may have. Any student or employee with questions about sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence, support options, or the federal regulations is encouraged to contact Civil Rights/Title IX Coordinator Samantha Hughes at and/or Civil Rights/Title IX Deputy Coordinator Kevin Peterson (

Kenyon is committed to fostering a campus environment that is free from sex- and gender-based harassment, discrimination and violence. We strive to provide all members of the campus community with the opportunity to learn and work in a setting that is safe and supportive. If an incident of sex- or gender-based discrimination or harassment is reported, the College will work to treat all parties involved with fairness and sensitivity while fulfilling the College’s obligations as outlined in the Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Policy.

Samantha Hughes
Civil Rights/Title IX Coordinator