Campus Report

Employee health and safety kits

Office of Communications
September 11, 2020

A daily health assessment for each employee is required by Kenyon’s return to campus protocols and strongly recommended by the Ohio Department of Health. It is also just good practice, both for your own health and the health of your coworkers. 

A daily health check has three parts: taking your temperature, reviewing yourself for symptoms, and reviewing your personal contacts for exposure. To make this easy, Kenyon is distributing to all faculty and staff a health and safety bag that includes the Kenyon College Commitment, masks, hand sanitizer and a thermometer. The thermometer can be paired with a smartphone app called Kinsa. The Kinsa app will remind you each day, at a time of your choosing, to take your temperature and review any symptoms. The app keeps track of these daily checks so you have a timeline of your health available for as long as you use it.

What happens to your data? First, it stays on your phone for your records, and you can use it to access the KAC, which requires proof of your daily health screening. If you choose, your anonymized data also will be compiled with other Kinsa app users to give an aggregate measure of illness trends in our area. It serves as another kind of “early warning system” to identify a potential outbreak. No one at Kenyon or other users of the app will ever see your personal data. 

Kenyon's operations staff have already received their health and safety bags. The rest were mailed to employee homes yesterday.