Campus Report

Sept. 2, 2020: COVID-19 Dashboard Weekly Update

Office of Communications
September 2, 2020

Dear Kenyon College community,

The level of dedication you all have shown to a safe start-of-semester has been, simply put, heartwarming. The cooperation of students-in-residence with new campus practices, the patience of remote students with different ways of learning, and the hours of careful preparation by faculty and staff for this semester all inspire confidence that while this year will be extraordinarily challenging, it will nevertheless be successful. Thank you, and please continue your excellent efforts to promote good public health practices wherever you are learning and working. 

As was announced last week, the College will email its students and employees weekly with a summary report of the presence of COVID-19 on campus. Additional updates regarding the College’s COVID-19 response also are detailed below.

While we know we cannot completely insulate our campus from the virus, the efforts by students and employees on campus have so far kept our positive test results to a minimum. To date, the College has received one positive test result from an employee who has been working remotely, and it has received 1814 total test results, 1321 of which were received in the last seven days. While the process has run smoothly in general, about 160 people experienced a delay in receiving results from tests submitted last week. We share your frustration and have worked with the lab to resolve many of the issues. Students in residence with outstanding questions should email for options regarding re-testing. Employees with questions regarding their test should contact Director of Human Resources Jennifer Cabral. 

Alert Levels
Our on-campus quiet period will end on Sept. 4, as will a number of the enhanced restrictions that have been in place since move-in. Recognizing that public health conditions may change over the course of the semester, we have established three levels of alert — low, moderate and high — to communicate how our campus will operate based on several key factors. Please note that decisions about setting alert levels are situational and will be made in close consultation with Knox Public Health. 

Pandemic Operations Plan
Throughout the summer, the College has developed and revised a Pandemic Operations Plan (PDF), which defines and describes the institution’s approach to operating its residential campus and associated activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. This plan was developed with input from the Ohio State University College of Public Health and Knox Public Health. Should revisions be necessary, students and employees will be notified via email.

Events and Gatherings
Once the on-campus quiet period ends Sept. 4, extracurricular activities may commence. The Social Gatherings Working Group has developed a set of guidelines for holding campus events and gatherings in order to promote a safe on-campus environment as well as vibrant experiences and opportunities for all, no matter their location. These guidelines are now available on Kenyon’s website; more detailed guidance for student activities, developed with Student Council, will be shared with students in the coming days by Dean of Campus Life Laura Kane.