Campus Report

Update from the Title IX Steering Committee

Office of Communications
August 29, 2016

Dear Kenyon College Community Members:

As you know, at the end of the last academic year President Decatur appointed a committee to oversee a comprehensive review of the College’s Title IX policies and practices. As the co-chairs of that committee, we wanted to update you on what the committee has been doing and solicit your help and involvement in the review process.

As many of you will have seen, the College has engaged an external advisor, Rebecca Veidlinger, to assist the committee in its work.

Since her appointment in July, the committee has held several meetings with Ms. Veidlinger to discuss her review process. She has strongly recommended, and the committee has endorsed, a broad outreach to the College community to elicit views on our existing policies and insights into how that policy has been implemented. To that end, Ms. Veidlinger anticipates using several means to make it easy for members of the College community to speak with her or otherwise provide feedback.

You will see email messages from Ms. Veidlinger this week notifying campus constituencies of the ways in which they may communicate their opinions, feelings, and concerns to her. She plans to be on campus for the entire week of September 19 and will also outline ways for you to connect with her while she is in Gambier. Please do be on the lookout for these very important messages.

We thank you in advance for your involvement in this important work for the College and for the entire Kenyon community.

Theodore Mason P'10
Professor of English
Associate Provost for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Ruth E. Fisher P'17
Kenyon College Board of Trustees