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7 Things to Do After You've Submitted Your Kenyon Application

Jessamyn Cox
January 20, 2016

This is an intimidating post to write, as last year’s 5 Things to Do After You’ve Submitted Your Kenyon Application was seriously on point. But I took a brisk walk around the office, did some deep breathing, continued to listen to (and cannot stop listening to) Justin Bieber’s new album and got PSYCHED about how psyched all of you should be to have submitted your application to Kenyon!

So for this round, in order to up the ante, we’re going for lucky number 7 things to do after you’ve applied. Also, please know that this mainly might be a lineup of things I aspire to do once I finish reading your fantastic applications. (Oh, how the tables have turned.)

Here goes:

1. Bake something. Cookies, scones, brownies — whatever you like. It’s chemistry in action. Put a candle in the cake you bake and ceremoniously celebrate the ‘birth’ of your application! We also love any and all baked goods in admissions …

2. Call that relative to whom you forgot to send a post-holiday thank-you note. Yeah. Whoops. Best send them some of those baked goods, too.

3. Keep up with schoolwork. OK, this one is a throwback to 2k15’s list, but we really do need you to keep doing the school thing at peak performance level. You’ve worked so hard and are now in the home stretch, so please don’t let your grades slide. And make sure you send those impressive grades to us! We do need your most recent grades to help us get a complete read of your application.



5. But really, thank people. Be sure to reach back out to all of those amazing teachers and, of course, to your college counselor/guidance counselor to thank them for taking the time to write your letters of recommendation. Yet again, those baked goods we started off with may come in handy here.

6. Watch your mailboxes. If you applied Early Decision 2, a decision will be coming your way the first week of February. If you applied Regular Decision, keep your eyes out in mid-to-late March — you don’t want to miss any big envelopes or life-changing emails!

7. Be good to yourself. This is our final and most important recommendation. Get some sleep. Hug your dog. Hey, I find washing dishes soothing. You do you. Applying to college is a stressful experience, and we wish we could somehow eliminate the craziness from the process that really should — at every stage — be a celebration of you. So take charge here and do it: Celebrate!