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Will Geiger

I have spent most of my life living within two miles of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean on the Jersey shore. While far from the ocean in Ohio, I find plenty of natural beauty in hilly Gambier, especially along the Kokosing Gap Trail. I majored in history at Wake Forest University and currently travel up and down the East Coast for Kenyon in Maine, Boston, Rhode Island, New Jersey and the Carolinas. Likes: coffee, Junior Mints, dashes, pandas, and a nice pair of corduroys (as well as its quirky cousin, the courdaround.)

Where Our Applications Come From (Hint: Everywhere)

By Will Geiger on February 11, 2015

With the application deadline behind us, we in the Admissions Office have turned our attention to reading all of your submissions — no small feat, considering we received 7,065 applications this year! While we can’t share decisions until April 1, we can share some some interesting facts we’ve learned so far about this year’s talented applicant pool.

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