The Crowe's Nest

Mo Hill

Hey folks, it’s Mo! I’m new to the Office of Admissions, and I like to think of my time here as “Mo trying to navigate Gambier, Ohio.” I was born and raised in Detroit and graduated from Wesleyan University. I was a double major in African-American studies and sociology, so I enjoy learning about populations and how they function in society. I am responsible for prospective students coming from Michigan, Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and the Toledo area. I work closely with the Director of Multicultural Admissions (Jarrett Tate) on hosting Kenyon’s Cultural Connections visit days.

Joining a Kenyon Tradition

By Mo Hill on September 18, 2014

Kenyon is full of traditions and customs. Students participate in several different traditions of their own, but, as I recently learned as a new member of the Kenyon community, staff and faculty have their own rites of passage.