The Crowe's Nest

A Balancing Act

Mo Hill
December 17, 2014

Reading season has arrived at Ransom Hall, which means it's time for us to buckle down and read the thousands of applications coming our way. Much like when you study for final exams, it’s important to keep in mind these two rules:

1. Stay healthy.

Rachael Polton, assistant director of admissions, leads spin classes twice a week in the KAC. These classes are open to students and staff. Just being able to move one's body after sitting at a computer for 12-plus hours makes the body happy. And yes, I said 12-plus hours. (Fun fact: We spend about 30 minutes reading every application!)

2. Have fun.

Ross Bronfenbrenner and Whitney Hawkins are the two biggest sports fans in the admissions office, and I like Boneless Thursdays at Buffalo Wild Wings just as much as the next person. You can get the best of both worlds in nearby Mount Vernon, where we often go to catch a game or grab a bite to eat after we leave the office.

It's important to find balance in our work because it can get pretty taxing when one focuses on one thing for hours at a time. So, take a tip from the admissions team here at Kenyon, and don't be afraid to step back and enjoy your senior year. After all, it's your last year seeing some of your classmates and teachers before your college journey begins. Have fun!