The Crowe's Nest

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Darryl Uy
February 17, 2015

Growing up, I always thought that having a birthday in the winter was the worst since I had to have my parties indoors every year. Now, I think having a birthday during application-reading season is even more difficult since I don’t have time to throw a party and celebrate.

This all changed a few years ago when several colleagues decided to surprise me for my birthday by “redecorating” my office with more than 100 balloons. As if that wasn’t enough, after popping all the balloons, I discovered that they also turned nearly everything in my office upside down!

The following year, they collected trophies, medals and plaques from the entire Kenyon community and put them all over my office. (My favorite decoration from that year was a bobblehead of me.)


This year, Ross, with the help of a few other colleagues and tour guides, covered my entire office with wrapping paper. They even wrapped several individual paper clips and the candy in my candy jar. I was planning to keep it all up for a while, but it was hard to get to files or use my microwave.


To get back at Ross (and to take a break from reading applications), I resorted to the tried and true prank of scaring him

Some things (and people) never get old.