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All About Early Decision 2

Will Geiger
December 20, 2014

As you may have noticed, Kenyon has not one, but two rounds of Early Decision. Both rounds of Early Decision are binding, which means that students intend to enroll at Kenyon if admitted. If Kenyon is your first-choice school and you have no doubt you want to attend, applying Early Decision 2 (ED2) can be a great option!

What else do I need to know about ED2?
Because ED2 is binding, students should be comfortable with a potential financial aid package (the Net Price Calculator is able to give an estimate to families on what a Kenyon financial aid package might look like*).  

Can I get scholarships if I apply ED2?
Absolutely! If you are awarded an academic merit scholarship, it will be included with your acceptance. The only exceptions are the talent-based scholarships in art, writing and music. We will not be notifying the winners of those awards until late March.

When will students receive their decisions?
Students who apply ED2 will be notified of their admissions decision by Feb. 1, as opposed to Regular Decision applicants, who will be notified April 1.

If I applied to Kenyon Regular Decision, can I switch to Early Decision 2?
No worries, this is an easy thing to change! Students who have completed their Regular Decision applications simply need to complete the ED Agreement Form (the student, parent/guardian, and college counselor will all need to sign this form). Once the form is completed, it can be sent to the admissions office via mail, fax or scanned email.

*Remember that the Net Price Calculator is tentative and is only as accurate as the information put into the calculator.