The Crowe's Nest

An Ode to Kenyon Organizations

Ross Bronfenbrenner
February 14, 2015

Admissions counselor Ross Bronfenbrenner has long harbored a deep affection for Kenyon’s many student clubs and organizations. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, he felt the need to lay his cards on the table and finally come clean about his love. To the Bike Co-op, the Chess Club, the Gospel Choir and all the other groups who help Kenyon students follow their passions — this one’s for you.

Dear Kenyon Student Organizations:

With 150 of you to choose from, there's not one blank space.
On the stage, in the labs and in the pool, you've found your place.
You sing, dance, and you involve students from 45 nations
in Gambier, a village with superb "town-gown relations."
From yoga to a cappella, you showcase much talent and cheer —
When first-years come to campus, there's nothing they can't do here.
I'm no Kenyon Review poet, that's not up for debate.
Bottom line, let's be honest, I think you're all really great.

Yours forever,

Ross Bronfenbrenner