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Breaking Down Your Season Schedule

An Sasala
August 19, 2015

Growing up in Ohio, my family always joked that there were five seasons:

1. Winter
2. Spring
3. Summer
4. Fall

and (drumroll please)



5. Ohio State Football Season

Now that I work in admissions, I have my own version of this joke: winter, spring, summer, fall and application season! Football season is still a few weeks off, but application season is kicking into full swing.

Although my family tailgated, nothing beat sitting in front of the TV cheering on Ohio State, “accidentally” knocking my brother over in my fervor, and eating lots of fully loaded potato skins! Which got me thinking, why should the college admissions process be any less fun? There is no reason why you and your family should not sit together in front of the computer screen discussing strategy while eating game-day food.

Application season can be a stressful time for high school students and their families as they narrow down their draft picks (schools), memorize dates and deadlines, and wade through institutional vernacular. During my own college search, I often felt seconds away from falling off a treadmill going way too fast.

giphy (1).gif

Applying to college does not need to be that stressful! Lucky for you, Kenyon uses the Common Application, and there is no supplement. To help you keep our dates straight, I created this handy reference guide about Kenyon’s application types and dates; consider it our application season schedule. 

dates and deadlines.png

 A few last thoughts:

Although each college has specific deadlines, why wait? If you get your applications in earlier, you have more time to enjoy the rest of your (senior) year! When you sit in front of the computer filling out the application, be your own personal cheerleader. When you finish a section, cheer like your favorite team just scored a touchdown. When you finish, dance around like YOU just won the game.

giphy (3).gif

If financial aid is a large concern of yours, we recommend waiting before you sign yourself to a team. In this way, you can compare offers and make the best choice — academically, socially and fiscally — for you. We want you to be happy at your college, but not at the expense of your wallet.

Part of being happy is taking your time. Rushing may be great on the field, but not when it comes to college. Early Decision is binding; if you are accepted, you enroll. Make sure this is the right decision by taking time to think about your options, and then decide to apply. Remember, you are not alone; our admissions team is right behind you, just in case of a tackle.

For more, including information on Early Decision, check out our Apply to Kenyon website. Questions about financial aid and/or scholarships? Explore our financial aid website.