The Crowe's Nest

Food for Thought

Ross Bronfenbrenner
October 6, 2014

A few Sundays ago, I shamelessly went to the movies alone and was one of six people at the 12:15 p.m. showing of Jon Favreau's movie, “Chef.” This was a particularly uninformed movie choice during the lunch hour, as the critically acclaimed film is full of tantalizing food and seemingly endless shots of delicious Cuban sandwiches. Regardless, I enjoyed the film and was struck by a moment near the end.

The lead character's 12-year-old son makes a video from a series of short clips spliced together and shows it to his dad as a summary of their adventures. This was a rather trite theatrical gimmick that was meant to force some tears and warm some hearts. Unfortunately for me, it totally worked. It was endearing, fun, silly and a great end to a pretty solid film. Accordingly, I'm stealing Favreau's idea. I therefore present the adventures I had on my first trip of travel season, in the form of quick video snippets. Feature film coming soon to a theater near you.

And for the record, much like "Chef," this movie will be almost entirely about food.

(Silly anecdotal video aside, my first round of visits in the L.A. area was great. My one piece of advice for high school students: Keep doing what you're doing. All of you whom I met had tons of interesting questions, and the visits were easily the highlight of my day. So to all of you whom I met throughout southern California — thank you! And to those of you in Colorado and Minnesota, I'll see you on the road! I'll be the one in the purple tie.)