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From the Inbox: Transferring to Kenyon

Will Geiger
February 25, 2015

Each year, Kenyon enrolls 10-15 transfer students. Any student who is enrolled in another institution as a degree-seeking student is eligible to apply as a transfer. While the deadlines to apply as a first-year student have passed, we are still accepting applications for transfer students until March 1. Interested in moving to the Hill, or know someone who might be a great fit at Kenyon? Here are a few FAQs that may be helpful as you wrap up your applications.

I am currently not enrolled at another institution.  Can I still apply as a transfer?
If you are not currently enrolled at another institution but have taken at least a full year of credit-bearing college courses, then you may apply as a transfer.  If you have less than a full year of college courses (i.e., you were only enrolled and took courses for one semester), then you actually would be eligible to apply as a first-year student rather than a transfer.  Unfortunately, the deadline to apply as a first-year for the upcoming academic year has passed.  

My current institution did not require standardized testing.  Would I need to take standardized tests now if I wanted to apply to Kenyon as a transfer?
Although we do require all our applicants to submit standardized testing, we do not expect transfer applicants to take these tests now if they never took them in high school.  Contact our office if you need us to waive this requirement for you.

Does Kenyon offer financial aid to transfer students?
Yes, we do!  Though financial aid is limited for transfer students, we still meet 100 percent of demonstrated need for all admitted students. To apply for need-based aid, you must submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile by April 1.

Does Kenyon offer merit scholarships for transfer students?
We do not.  The only aid we are able to offer is need-based.

I am a first-year at another school and do not feel like I know any of my professors well. Is it OK if I just send a recommendation from a high school teacher?
We understand that first-year students may be in that position. You can submit a recommendation from a high school teacher, but we also need a recommendation from a professor at your college/university in order to assess your current academic performance in a college/university classroom.

 I am really interested in applying but am worried about my credits transferring.  How do I know if they will transfer?
Typically, credits are transferable on three criteria: 1) the course is taken at an accredited institution, 2) the course is liberal arts in content (note: math and science courses are included in a liberal arts curriculum, while technical or vocational courses are not), and 3) we offer the same or similar course within our curriculum. For specific questions about transferring credits, your best bet is to get in touch with the Kenyon College Registrar.

If I apply, when will I receive my decision?
Decisions will be sent by April 15,  and accepted students have until May 15 to let us know their plans.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment.  You also can email Trish Priest, who coordinates transfer admissions: