The Crowe's Nest

Joining a Kenyon Tradition

Mo Hill
September 18, 2014

Kenyon is full of traditions and customs. Students participate in several different traditions of their own, but, as I recently learned as a new member of the Kenyon community, staff and faculty have their own rites of passage.

In late August, all new staff, administrators and faculty sat on the Bolton Theater stage and were introduced to veteran Kenyon employees who were sitting in the audience. We had our names individually called, and we walked to the front of the stage to shake President Sean Decatur’s hand. (Humble brag: I was the only one introduced with a nickname: Maurice “Mo” Hill!)

At first, I thought the ceremony was a silly tradition because I have never heard of a formal event where new employees were introduced to an entire community. Then I began to realize the event’s purpose and importance. Because of Kenyon’s size, co-workers are able to get to know each other on a personal level and build strong connections. This is advantageous for knowing where to direct students for support and whom to reach out to when you want to indulge in your favorite pastime. The community here is so friendly, I can invite colleagues over after work to hang out at my house and watch the MTV Video Music Awards.

When you visit campus, you’ll witness this personal attention and fierce sense of family. (Visit days present a great opportunity to experience life on the Hill, but if you can’t make one of our programs, consider planning a trip on your own. Take a tour, sit in on a class, eat in the dining hall, and see what makes the Kenyon community a place you will want to call home and start traditions of your own.)