The Crowe's Nest

Let's Talk Diversity

Mo Hill
April 7, 2015

Reading season is over, decisions have been released, the purple thumbs are up, the flowers are blooming, and students are enrolling in the Kenyon College Class of 2019!

So what’s next? The ball is in your court. This is the best time to ask those burning questions you’ve been holding in since the beginning of the college search process.

Even though you’re probably being inundated with information from colleges about their programs and resources, we know you still may have questions. Well, friends, now it’s time for us to hear from you.

That’s why, on Wednesday, April 15, from 7-8 p.m. EST, Kenyon students will take over the @KenyonAdmission Twitter account to talk about diversity at Kenyon. Learn more about our student groups, activities during awareness months, campus debates, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI), the Kenyon Educational Enrichment Program (KEEP), Recognizing Everyone’s Ability to Conquer the Hill (REACH), Unity House and the Snowden Multicultural Center. 

Want to join the conversation? Use the hashtag #KenyonDiversity and follow us @KenyonAdmission.