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Time Flies When You’re Applying

Will Geiger
November 5, 2014

Nothing strikes terror into the hearts of prospective college students like the word “deadline.” Time accelerates as the deadline date approaches, and you find yourself double and triple checking everything. (“Did my teacher forget to write my recommendation?” “What if my ACT scores never were received?”)*  

The best advice is to get everything in as soon as possible — it never hurts to turn things in early. Expert tip: If you are having trouble staying organized, use a Google Docs Spreadsheet to keep track of everything.

Here are important deadlines for Kenyon:

Application Deadlines:

Early Decision 1: November 15
Early Decision 2: January 15
Regular Decision: January 15

Merit  and Talent Scholarships:

Full and Half Tuition Scholarship
Creative Writing, Art, and Music Talent Scholarships**
Honors, Science, and Trustee Opportunity Scholarship

All students wishing to be considered for talent based scholarships must submit the Common Application and their scholarship application and requested materials by January 15.

In addition to all of these admissions deadlines, it is also important to pay attention to the deadlines for financial aid, since these deadlines are slightly different.

We will be tweeting deadline reminders throughout November/December/January, so follow us on Twitter!

*You can check on the status of your application materials through your E-Admissions Portal. Materials that are mailed in can sometimes take a few days to be scanned in.

**Our talent scholarships do require a separate application (the other merit scholarships do not—you simply need to submit your admissions application to be eligible).