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Posted in July 2014

The Restoration of Middle Path

By Sean Decatur on July 22, 2014

Last week saw the beginning of construction for the restoration of Middle Path, a project long in planning and discussion. I have written and spoken several times over the course of my first year at Kenyon about the importance of Middle Path; in fact, this was one of the themes echoed in my inauguration comments. The sight of Middle Path is indeed very moving – the long, continuous stretch between Bexley and Old Kenyon, shaped by trees, connecting the many different eras of the institution by providing linear continuity among the contrasting architecture (the Collegiate Gothic of south campus, the modern look of Gund Gallery, the small Ohio community that is the village, and north campus, capped by Bexley Hall). In a practical sense, Middle Path is a central artery, providing cohesion and flow, making it nearly impossible to get lost on what is a large and sprawling campus. But, more importantly, Middle Path is the symbolic heart of Kenyon, a place where people meet and talk, where conversations…