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The essential need for dissent

By Sean Decatur on February 20, 2014

Mr. López has reminded us of the importance of taking a firm stand on one’s principles, even in the face of severe consequences.We often neglect the value of dissent on our campus – the importance of cultivating an atmosphere in which difficult topics are rigorously engaged, where opinions (including those held by people in positions of power) are openly challenged, and where members of the community feel empowered to take strong stands in a press for change.  A place such as Kenyon – indeed, any college – should foster and support the spirit of dissent; this is in keeping with our commitment to free exchange and engagement with ideas, as well as with our mission to encourage students to bring ideas from the classroom and library into regular practice.

‘Tis the ranking season

By Sean Decatur on September 16, 2013

The college rankings address a deeper issue, one that colleges themselves have ignored for too long.  Families want to make informed decisions about their college choices, and while the “fit” for determining a college is about much more than the statistics, we’d be naïve to suggest that the numbers don’t matter at all.  Families are very interested in some measure that can suggest the educational outcomes for students.  The After Kenyon pages on the new website are a first start to taking control over our own story, providing useful information to families to assess the value and impact of a Kenyon education.

Lessons and observations from atop a bike

By Sean Decatur on August 13, 2013

Powerful lessons sometimes arise from simple acts such as getting on a bike and riding farther than you thought you could do; volunteering with hundreds of others to support an important cause; or talking with a man standing on the road with a sign that says “Thank you for saving my wife.”

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