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Beyond the Tour: The NCAs

By Anna Dowling on November 2, 2015

During the college search, there’s a huge emphasis on first-year housing. So many questions are swirling around that upperclass housing options sometimes don’t even make it into the conversation. But for those who are curious, or for those who have immense foresight, here’s a peek into some of Kenyon’s upperclass housing, the North Campus Apartments (NCAs).

6 Tips to Ace Your Interview

By An Sasala on October 28, 2015

When it comes to college applications, perhaps no word strikes more fear into the hearts of applicants than “interview.” To help assuage your fears, dear prospective students, my colleagues and I present to you advice on how to sail through your interview.

A Soundtrack to Travel Season

By An Sasala on October 21, 2015

As admissions counselors, we spend a lot of time in the car. No adventure would be as fun without the tunes that keep us going through long nights, on bumpy roads, and especially in my case, when stuck in Houston traffic. Below are playlists compiled by myself and my colleagues of our soundtracks to our fall road trips.

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