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The legacy of the March

By Sean Decatur on August 28, 2013

I am very proud of my life accomplishments, not the least of which is becoming president of Kenyon College.  A great deal of my success can be attributed to the support I have been given by my family and mentors throughout my career.  But, I also owe a tremendous debt to the large numbers of brave men and women who fought for civil rights, many who risked their jobs, their safety, indeed their lives, in order to change the world.  On the anniversary of the March on Washington, each of us should take a moment to reflect upon both how much has changed in the past fifty years in the United States as a whole and here on our Hill in Gambier, and how we can all live our lives with the courage, commitment, and determination that characterized the generation of the civil rights movement.

Lessons and observations from atop a bike

By Sean Decatur on August 13, 2013

Powerful lessons sometimes arise from simple acts such as getting on a bike and riding farther than you thought you could do; volunteering with hundreds of others to support an important cause; or talking with a man standing on the road with a sign that says “Thank you for saving my wife.”

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