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Bookstore Shopping 101

Kisky Holwerda
July 19, 2013

One of the downsides of becoming an "adult" is that I actually had to start buying presents for people instead of relying on my mom to do it for me.  All of a sudden I became very accustomed to the feeling of missing Mother's Day.  It's not nice, I advise against it.  But the problem with shopping at Kenyon is that there are very limited options, and when you have to find a last minute gift there's not enough time to order online so that's where the Bookstore comes in.  

Starting with this season's haute couture, and I hear purple is very "in" this season.

Inspired by BamBam, the feral cat living underneath Crozier, introducing Hello Kitty for Kenyon!

For those times when a tie is simply not enough I recommend the polka dot Kenyon cycling shirt.  Nothing says "Happy Father's Day" like spandex.

Sibling's birthday?  No problem!  Kenyon's Bookstore is fully stocked with all kinds of specialty toys.

For that special someone who's always wanted to see the President in his underwear, it's...OBAMARAMA!

For your friend who always wanted to act out the love triangle between Gandhi, Trotsky and Che Guevara.  Just look closely.

I actually bought this for my sister.  No shame.


Looking for that perfect gift for the avid Christmas in July shopper?  The Bookstore always has your back.


Thank you for shopping at the Kenyon Bookstore!