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Posted in December 2013

Kenyon-Exeter: Reverse Culture Shock

By Kate Lindsay on December 17, 2013

I was warned about reverse culture shock at my first ever meeting for the Kenyon-Exeter program, long before I had sent in any applications or packed any bags. I knew this would be true. I get culture shock just going back and forth between Kenyon and my home in Pennsylvania--who knows what two countries is going to do to me.

Q is for Quia fécit mihi mágna

By Olubusola "Busola" Olukoya on December 7, 2013

Pronounced (kwi-ee-yah fay-cheat meek-hee ma-nyah)

Loosely translated to: who has done great things for me

This is one of the lines in one of my favorite Latin prayers; the Magnificat. It is the prayer of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ in thanksgiving to God for the great mercy He showed in choosing her to be the mother of His Son. I learned this prayer listening to people at church do a call and response after mass at the Catholic Church I attend in Lagos. It’s a prayer that resounds within me when I think of all the great things in my life. Especially in Junior year, when I have to apply opportunity cost in choosing the interests to pursue in the short time I have left at Kenyon.

Kenyon-Exeter: Thanksgiving

By Kate Lindsay on December 3, 2013

Being away from home during the holidays is hard, but it's even harder when you're in a country that doesn't celebrate them. Luckily, with the help of flatmates, Kenyon friends and professors, we were able to bring some of the cheer to England.

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