Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Drama Lingo: Chekhov Yourself

Kisky Holwerda
October 17, 2013

One of my favorite classes this semester is a group independent study (what an oxymoron) on Chekhov’s plays.  What could be better than getting together with some of my favorite drama majors and talking about plays?  Maybe Peirce’s molasses cookies, but let’s not nit pick…

If you’re unfamiliar with Chekhov, he was Russian.  

Most of his plays revolve around a group of people sitting in a house drinking vodka and complaining about their tea being cold.  We had a hard time getting excited or understanding why these little things were so important to the characters and then we realized...

 Chekhov characters are college students.  BOOM.

We’re at an amazing liberal arts school, but a lot of what we do consists of sitting around complaining about stupid things, and drinking.  Some days it feels like the world will end if if the infused water is too sweet.  And thus, “Chekhov yourself” was born.  

Night ruined because Hocus Pocus isn’t on Netflix instant?  Chekhov yourself.

Rehearsal is cutting into the VI’s Friday Happy Hour?  Chekhov yourself.

Carrying your jacket is sooooo hard but it’s too hot to wear it?  Chekhov yourself.

You stayed up all night on Sporcle and now you’re tired?  Chekhov yourself.

You can’t eat on Saturday because you slept in until 1 and there’s no extendo?  Chekhov yourself.

You went to the market to get jalapeno Cheetos but they only had regular Cheetos and it's JUST NOT THE SAME!  Chekhov yourself.

It's the same idea as "check yourself" but now we're putting our drama degrees to work because sometimes Kenyon students need to be reminded that our problems are not actually real.