Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

F is for FUN

Olubusola "Busola" Olukoya
January 31, 2013

We are three weeks into the semester and I’ve heard the nerd bell twice. For those of you who don’t know, the nerd bell is the beep you hear on the PA system at the libs when its 2am and the library is about to close. The nerd bell s usually followed by the mechanical voice (what? It’s 2am! Everything sounds weird at 2am) saying “The library is now closed. Good night!” In other words, please leave and go home. I decided that it was too early in the semester to hear the nerd bell so now I do all my late night studying in the computer lab in the basement of Peirce Hall. Not only can I stay up to the wee hours of the morning doing homework, I can do it without the pressure of not hearing the nerd bell.

We’re just about to hit February, the longest and coldest month in the Kenyon Academic year. The cold, dark and short days make it extremely excruciating for a lot of Kenyon students. You start to get tired of seeing the same people and doing the same things everyday. The trick to surviving February is looking forward to the next day and then next week and the next month. If you have nothing to look forward to, make a goal and work towards it, just so you can have something that keeps you going.

In the light of all the drama that February may bring, I’ve compiled a list of fun things one can do during the winter months at Kenyon. These are ‘fun’ according to my standards so feel free to adjust the list to suit your life-style;

1)     Build a snowman/have snowball fights: I have only ever been in one snowball fight. It sucked because we were cold afterwards, but I am yet to build a snowman, so this is definitely a priority. As much as I hate snow (College guide books must evade discussing the weather or I would have picked somewhere with a warmer climate), I have to admit that snow in Ohio can be really pretty, especially in Gambier.

2)     Host tea parties: After getting destroyed by snowballs, it’s always wonderful to put a kettle on for some tea [Katie was right here, a kettle is a MUST have]. Helpful hint: put the tea on before you go out to play so you can have the least some warm water ready. Reheating wouldn’t take long.

3)     “Borrow” Peirce trays and go sledding: If you haven’t had enough snow, try the KAC hill challenge. I DARE YOU. [If you get in trouble with Peirce for taking their trays, do not mention my name. I will deny this].

4)     Get Hot chocolate at Wiggle Ground: And by hot chocolate, I mean Chai Latte.

5)     Sauna at the KAC:  Why work out? Get some heat infusion

6)     Party!: Love to dance? Hit the floor and work it. Don’t need to go all the way to Old Kenyon (Kenyon’s  #1 party spot), turn that music player on shuffle and get your groove on.

7)     Bookstore books: Slide into any section of the bookstore and engage in some happy reading. Bookstore closes at 11 so you won’t feel like such a nerd when you have to leave.

8)     Start knitting for next winter: because there is no way I can wear anything I’m making now. I’m such a slow poke that, by the time I get done, winter will be over.

9)     Run/walk/slide/fall in a puddle/fall flat on your face on Middle Path: So many options. Choose the one that best fits your agility in this weather.

10)  My number 1 favorite – Follow a show. In this weather, you need something to keep you going. Find an amazing show (like Emily Owens MD – which is ending soon SOB!!) and watch it every week. You can scream/cry out your frustrations at the screen of whatever you’re using to watch the show. And, it gives you something to look forward to the next week. Get creative, invite a friend and go down to Peirce pub or to the Gund Community Foundation theatre in the basement of the Gund Gallery for an enhanced viewing experience.

That’s pretty much my spiel for tonight. Before I leave you, I must make a shout out to Sarah Abbottssmith to whom I gave a tour this weekend! I hope you love this post! There’s our super cute pic.


Oh, and here’s my theme song from last summer;

This and Emily Owens are the only things keeping me going right now. I can’t wait for it to be summer again.

*For some reason, the blog ate my post on Sunday! I'm so glad its finally up now.