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Farewell to Facebook: A (Shallow) Reflection

Mia Barnett
July 17, 2013

Last Thursday, my roommate and I were complaining about Facebook. Actually, we were complaining that we complain too much about Facebook. So, we decided to swear off of it for exactly one week. I know, I know, this post screams “First World Problems.” But just hear me out. Here are the pros and cons so far:

Pro: I think I’ll check Facebook less in the future. I’m pretty sure I used to click on it as a reflex, and now that the motivation for the reflex has been taken away, I feel as if I’ve been cured.

Con: I’m pretty sure I don’t spend any less time on the internet; I just check my Twitter and Instagram more. I think an entire internet detox is in order.

Pro: You know those people who you know are perfectly nice in real life but are really obnoxious on the internet? Yeah, I’ve found myself disliking them less this week 

Con: I went to a wedding this weekend with my friends and I have to wait to see the pictures. (This was really exciting for me because it was the first wedding I’d ever been to). This is a pathetic con but I’m just trying to be honest.

Cats Cake

The only picture I have of the wedding because I Instagram-ed it. Cute, right?

Pro: Here’s the most important one of all- this week, I’ve felt a need to call and text and Skype my friends and family more often. When you’re on Facebook, you get this false sense that you’re keeping up with someone just because you stalked their pictures from their trip to Aruba, when in fact you’ve had no real social interactions with them.

All in all, I think this has been a good experience. (Obviously, because there are more pros than cons. This isn’t my first rodeo.) I’m reactivating Facebook tomorrow, BUT I decided I’m not putting the app back on my phone. Progress maybe? Ok I’m going to stop writing now because the shallow premise of this whole post is making me a bit sick.