Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

First Thoughts

Kisky Holwerda
May 23, 2013

I’m Kisky. Yes, that’s my full name, no it’s not short for anything. Although I do dare you to try to think of what it could possibly be short for.  I’m also a rising senior and so I’ve been looking back on what the past three years have been for me at Kenyon.  Now when you get here for orientation in August, you will sit in Rosse with the rest of your soon-to-be friends, enemies, drinking buddies, hook-ups, boyfriends, girlfriends, classmates, roommates, and even some people you will never see again, and you will be told by EVERYONE that you are quirky and that the next four years will fly by.  You probably won’t believe them, I didn't (except about being quirky) but in one of those cliché senior thoughts...man, those years went by fast.  So, I’m spending my last college summer working for admissions doing what I love, giving tours and watching all of you fall in love with my home, seeing the admissions staff get excited with every student who says “YES!” and drinking Blue Moon outside with my friends...or at least I will when they show up.  Until then I have Dabney.   

The guy I'll be hanging out with until then


While we’re on the topic of admissions, you know the 5 million pamphlets and fliers you get in the mail from colleges?  I threw them all away, I did, so I’m not judging you if you’ve been doing the same.  Or maybe you’re doing what my college counselor told me to do and sticking them all in color-coded Tupperware (I will judge you a little bit for that, stop trying so hard). Anyway, I don’t care but I’m asking you before you use them as coasters or to paper your gerbil cage, please read the ones from Kenyon.  If not because Noble does an amazing job on them, then for me.  I have been individually putting each address label and four mailing seals on over 6,000 science brochures, and let me tell you, some of you live in really weird places.  I don't want my blood, sweat, and tears to have been for nothing.  I'm being serious, the air conditioning broke the other day and it pretty much caused me to do all of those things.


Now one of the great things about Kenyon is that I could come back from abroad to random roommates but end the semester with amazing new friends and a totally trashed apartment.  So on that note I'll start my summer adventure stories with going to Atlantic City last weekend with my old roommate to see Motley Crue (because I should have been in my 20's in the 80's).  IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Tommy Lee drummed upside down, they played Dr. Feelgood, we screamed, we danced, we gambled.  I could have died.  We stayed in a sketchy motel with no towels, but it was right across the street from the venue due to the Metal Gods smiling down on us. I actually could not contain my excitement and there's no way I could explain how happy I was to see them in words so I'll leave you with this...