Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Fourth of July!

Kisky Holwerda
July 5, 2013

Happy recovery from the Fourth of July everybody!  My apartment is dealing with the aftermath of having the party at our place and it's still raining which I guess on the bright side cleans off the beer pong table for us.  

Yesterday started with the much-hyped parade that went through the street of downtown Gambier.  Highlights included the Citizen of the Year and my personal favorites, the motorcyclists.  The young writers were also in the parade which led us to wonder why the summer scholars and summer workers weren't invited, but I guess if all the summer Kenyon students were in the parade there would be a considerably smaller crowd on the sidewalk.  We then proceeded to celebrate in true Kenyon style by filling up a kiddie pool with cheap beer, finding a frisbee, grilling hotdogs and not caring about the rain.  



The best part about being at Kenyon for the summer is becoming friends with people you've never really met before and taking in stride the fact that you're all together on this hill for the summer.  In Admissions I get asked all the time what we do for fun because most prospective students take one look at the cornfields and get scared (and let's be honest, we did too).  It's a hard question to answer because I never have to think about it when it's happening.  I give the rehearsed answer of "there's something happening every weekend, whether it's a speaker, a play or a concert.  There's also usually an all campus party each weekend too."  But while true that sounds incredibly boring.  It in no way encompasses the infamous Unity House Jenga, going to the Kokosing at midnight, the wacky themed apartment parties, pretending you've heard of the band that's playing at the Horn, starting to head home but getting kidnapped by a different group of friends, and always forgetting why you never go to the Ganter.  What do we do for fun?  Please.  It's always fun.