Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Grilled Cheese Day

Andrew Parmelee
September 23, 2013

So Peirce is usually a very good spot to eat, and is consistently good. There are a few days out of the year which they do especially well. One of those days is Grilled Cheese Day. Usually Peirce does a grilled cheese lunch at least once a month during the school year and it is always a huge hit. They pair it with a frothy and delicious tomato soup which reminds everyone of home. It basically makes you want to run around the servery screaming "GRILLED CHEESE FOR ALL, THE DAY HAS COME!!" No one actually does it, but it has this effect. There are problems associated with grilled cheese day though, namely the line. Being that it is everyone's favorite lunch, people are willing to wait for their slice of cheesy goodness. As a senior, I have seen many a grilled cheese day come and go, so here are my tips for tackling the monster that is grilled cheese day in Peirce. 

1) Try and get to Peirce just before the hour. Usually this is the least busy of times, and you can get a good spot in line, or avoid lines all together. 

2) If above is not an option, you can always try the buddy system. Find someone you are able to wait in line and talk to with for 10 minutes and just wait it out together. Strength in numbers. 

3) Often frowned upon, but effective, ask your friend what else they want for lunch, you handle the other stuff as they wait and handle the cheese. When they reach the front of the line, they grab a bunch of grilled cheese and sit down to find the rest of their meal prepared. You might however catch a little flack when you have 15 sandwiches on a plate. (C'mon BRO you're not that hungry, I know what you're doing and I'm judging you). 

4) DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT make your own grilled cheese using the panini press on the same day as grilled cheese day. You will most likely be waiting in line for just as long, and it will not be as good. Nothing can be as good. 

5) Don't let a debbie downer talk you out of grilled cheese day. "Oh the lines are too long....... Is it really worth it?........ C'mon lunch isn't that long..... I have class" NO! NO! NO! Wait in the line, put your time in. It tastes that much better. 

6) Finally, take more grilled cheese than you think you need. They are that delicious, and also you do not want to realize you want more and have to wait again in line. IT IS DEVASTATING.

So when you are looking Kenyon just remember. You can become the master of grilled cheese day. As you can tell, its basically a holiday for me.