Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Importance of Friends

Andrew Parmelee
March 24, 2014

So what is so appealing about friends? Well pretty much everything. They make you laugh, they make you want to punch them in the face, they make your day, they make you comfortable. I am lucky to have plenty of very good friends at Kenyon and back home. It is important to have friends at college because, well, sometimes that's all you've got. Your parents aren't here to talk things over, and your dog isn't around to listen to your whining. Your friends go through the same things you do. They will become your soundboard, and many times your therapist. Often times I think I take for granted the little things my friends and I do together. That may be as simple as playing a game of FIFA, or going out to eat. Pay attention to stuff like this. Especially since college friends may not be living near you come graduation. I do everything with friends. We go out together, we study together, we eat together. Imagine if you went out to parties with your parents, then woke up and hung out with them, and then studied the same subjects in school as them, then ate all meals with them, and then played on the same sports team as them (I think you get my point). All I am saying is this. You don't have to have tons and tons of friends, but make good ones. They will be there when you need them most, whatever you need. Keep in contact with your friends back home too. Shoot people a text once and a while, see how they are doing. Even a small message can let someone know they are being thought of. I didn't want to include a picture of my friends in the blog because there are too many (and yes this is me saying I am extremely popular). So here are some more friend videos which I thought were funny. Hopefully you enjoy. Remember, college is a place for friends, hurry up! Also this last video is on Steve Harvey. I LOVE STEVE HARVEY. LONG LIVE STEVE HARVEY. Okay, here it is.