Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Meet Rebecca Spradlin and Ashan Rodriguez !

Susannah Green
April 29, 2013

Rebecca is a four year varsity field hockey athlete and a history major who recently completed her honors thesis. Ashan is an international student from Sri Lanka and a physics and econ double major who passionately lives by the phrase "yolo." Also, they happen to be two of my best friends. Scroll down to watch a joint interview about their very different, but equally cool, Kenyon experiences.


1) Name, major, age, hometown?

2) Rebecca, describe your experience as a four year student-athlete at Kenyon.

3) Ashan, describe your experience as a senior international student who is involved in so many different activities.

4) What song would be on the soundtrack to your senior year?

5) Favorite Peirce food? Favorite greater Kenyon region (Mount Vernon/Columbus etc) food?

6) Favorite spot on campus?

7) Favorite class of all time?

8) What advice would you give to future Kenyon students?

 Check out the video for their answers! Also, dancing.