Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Playing Away

Andrew Parmelee
September 9, 2013

So when we go play away games, we usually take a bus. Now these rides vary in length and entertainment based upon who we are visiting. This weekend for example it was a far way away. We had a two game weekend (Friday evening and Saturday Evening), so we left bright and early on Friday morning. Getting onto the bus you always convince yourself you will get more work done while riding than you actually do. So everyone packs too many books and binders, and most do not touch half of them. Now I know what you are thinking.... How is this conducive to studying? Well its just not. It hard to get work done. Some get car sick (like myself) and others just can't pay attention when "The Fellowship of the Ring" is playing (also me). So instead of bus trips being filled with a lot of head down reading, they consist of a lot of story telling and yelling at whatever movie it is we are watching (this is also known as fun). The team makes an effort to counteract this dip in productivity with getting work done at the hotel or before we leave. On the way down to Kentucky we even stopped at a mall as I mentioned earlier and were allowed to walk around for a while. That is where this little beauty was taken. 


That's Alex Christoff for all of you interested folk out there. He is Junior. He Majors in Physics. He crushes jackets. 

This is exciting business. I believe the final tally was one pillow bought. Not the most productive of mall trips but a hilarious time none the less. If you go really far away for away trips, you even get to stay in hotels. On the soccer team, we usually get another roommate, sometimes two, and you get CABLE. This is big news. Now I room with Alistair Flynn on campus and I also roomed with him on the trip, so there was nothing new there. However, half the fun of the away trips are figuring out who you are going to room with. You may find out things about someone on the team you didn't know before. Certainly my freshman year that was the case rooming with a bunch of the seniors. Food is provided by the coaches, usually a lot of pasta, which actually can be a nice break from Peirce (even though Peirce does do a good job). Ultimately the best part about the whole thing is the fact that you are spending time with a group of individuals you find yourself comfortable with. You are there to compete and hopefully win, but you are also there as a team and representing Kenyon College. As a team we try and take full advantage of our time together, and long away trips allows us to do just that.