Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

R is for Rushing and REACHing

Olubusola "Busola" Olukoya
February 14, 2014

I got to spend the New Year with my roommates and best friends! We were all on campus for Christmas break and spent Christmas day and most of the New Year being useless.

 Having always wondered what Greek Life was really about, I decided to rush a sorority three weeks ago. I chose Kappa Sigma Alpha because I liked the idea of joining a sorority composed of strong student leaders at Kenyon, and also because I knew more than half of the sisters. However, as I was stranded in the Columbus Airport due to a heavy snowstorm on bidding day, I was not able to place my bid on time. I tried to send my bid to the Director of Greek Life on campus but, for some reason, Kappa’s didn’t get my bid. So, unlike the other wonderful ladies I rushed with, I am not currently pledging any sorority.

I got my license! YES! YES! YES! My dad plays amateur golf and he organizes golf tours for friends and colleagues (I told you about this last year when I had to go to Vegas to see my dad). Well, this year, the tour was Lagos/Orlando/Houston and I decided to go see him in Florida. I was so lucky to leave the one weekend a huge snowstorm was blasting through the Midwest! I went from -25 F to 60 F in the space of one weekend. To top it off, I was able to rent a car through Fox Car Rentals, a rental company that allows people aged 19 and above to rent cars with minimal surcharge fees. I had a silver Toyota Yaris and I loved her for the weekend. Ah, there’s nothing like being able to drive legally. I also got to see a friend that I've known since elementary school. Driving was stressful but awesome; I think I'm done for a while at least!

Also, I’ve been really busy with this organization called REACH (Recognizing Each Other’s Ability to Conquer the Hill), which pairs first years with upperclassmen that can help them navigate the process of fitting in at Kenyon. You can read more about REACH here! This semester, I am working as the student co-ordinator of the program and I've been so busy planning social and academic events for REACHers. So far, we've gone snow-tubing at snow trails, enjoyed a movie night (Percy Jackson and the Sea of monsters at my request), and gotten to know each other through a Valentine Speed-Dating event.

However, these activities will not keep me from blogging! I have all sorts of quirky blogging ideas (which might include recording my roommates' fights! Shhh!). And, I promise not to complain about the copious amount of work Junior year demands of me.

Wishing you all the best this week,