Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Root Root for the Home Team

Andrew Parmelee
April 7, 2014

Growing up in Connecticut makes you one thing; A UConn basketball fan. As a state we have one professional team, the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun. Connecticut used to be home to the Hartford Whalers, a fabled NHL franchise, which sadly moved south in 1997. The XL center still hangs the banners of old as a morbid reminder of what was. Natives must select between New York and Boston to get their professional sports fix and there are some bitter rivalries which arise between neighbors. However the one thing everyone can agree upon is UConn basketball. During the season my mother sends me texts to let me know her opinion on the Men’s forwards. My girlfriend’s grandmother “Mama” only subscribes to the Hartford Courant during UConn Women’s season so she can keep up to date on her favorite team. It is almost a religion. There is the dilemma. I have been brought up in an atmosphere where UConn is the norm and now I find myself at a different college. Is it okay to still be a fan? The answer is yes! When I asked my father this question tonight, her replied in the same way. He labeled the question as interesting, but quickly dismissed it as ridiculous and reminded me that there was no guilt in being a UConn fan while going to Kenyon. I guess he is correct. If the lords and ladies ever face off with the Huskies, I will be sure to choose purple, but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. Even better is the fact that the UConn Men just got crowned National Champions as I was writing this. WAY TO GO BOYS. The take away message is this. Remember your roots, cheer on the home team, but realize what you have become a part of. Support your fellow students in athletics and more. Go to their events and become a fan of everything purple and white. I am will always be a huge UConn fan, and I will always be a Kenyon Lord. There is room for both.