Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Senior Class Committee (Class Committee in general)

Andrew Parmelee
February 11, 2014

Senior Class Committee. Need I say more? Yeah I probably should say more. The way it works here at Kenyon is there are class councils which feed into student government. Each council has a faculty adviser and we basically just do a lot of cool stuff all of the time. The councils consist of members of the class from all different backgrounds (we have swimmers, Greeks, musicians, economic majors, political science majors, biology majors, you get the idea). They meet weekly and decided on very important issues. Not actually though (well, we do meet weekly). The primary job of the class council is to fund raise in order to throw class events. Things we have done in the past are provide coffee and donuts for the school during finals week, set up a sophomore majors day, and bake cookies. Each year there are new fundraising schemes which range from selling clothing, to holding a silent auction to putting together finals week care packages. All of this money (and let me tell you, it is trillions) is used for activities during senior week as well as funding soiree and fandango. What are the senior week events this year? Oh you know, a Columbus Crew Soccer game, a visit to the Zoo and Paint balling. We tried to see if Beyonce wanted to hang out for a week but she was busy. These senior events cost money to run and it is nice to have a cushion to do make all the events extra special. 

I know what you are probably thinking, and yes I am thinking the same, it is uncool to be a part of student government. You my friend are mistaken. All the cool kids are doing it. In all seriousness, I was never active in student government when I was in high school (eons ago) because of that very sentiment. I always thought it was not for me. Kenyon offers you the opportunity to get involved in things you usually never would, and I am glad I joined the council. I have met new and lifelong friends during the process and have come to find the inner workings of the college extremely fascinating. You get the opportunity to meet college executives and take part in meetings which actually do matter. Plus did I mention it is an overall good time? So here is my shameless plug to you, the prospective student, to join class council upon matriculation. You won't regret it. I'm telling you, you won't.