Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

So. I am done with comps?

Andrew Parmelee
November 11, 2013

Senior Compositions or Senior Exercises are everyone's favorite activity during their senior year. Some exist only as paper, like mine. Some are a presentation and a paper. In some departments you take a test, do research or put on a show. I heard they hold a jump roping competition in the Anthropology department. The first one to mess up is automatically deducted a letter grade. Well that is not entirely true, but it is something like that. At various points in the year you will hear individuals complain about comps. It comes in waves the assignments from different departments due in clumps. If you're lucky, your department will offer a senior seminar which you prepare and sometimes due much of the exercise. At least they are forcing you to produce something in there. However you need these to graduate. So that should be incentive enough to get them done. There are few tricks to getting your comps done effectively and with minimal stress. Here they are as explained by the office (my favorite show of all time). First of all, write everything, you can always cut down. It is harder to add and produce then to edit. Here try this.  

Next: Keep Snacks Handy. You are going to be up late, and will need the fuel. People get a little testy without their eats. 

And just think about it. 

So when your comps are grinding your gears and you are thinking that graduating may not be worth the annotated bibliography your professor is asking for, just remember it will be all worth it. 

Well maybe.