Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Take a Student Home for Thanksgiving (or 3)

Andrew Parmelee
December 2, 2013

Bringing students home for breaks is a wonderful opportunity to get to know someone off the hill. Ohio is a far away place for some students and getting too and from Gambier can be tricky. Thanksgiving and Spring breaks are two times where you might consider bringing your roommate home. Perhaps they are from Nevada like my good friend Eddi. It cost a lot of money to fly home for 5 days, so he drives back with me. Or maybe the student is like Andres or Miguel. Both international students and far far from Peru and Mexico. My roommate Lewis, a native of New Zealand has come to my house for spring break as well. Things are fun when you invite Kenyon folk to share your home. I am able to introduce my "at home" friends to the ones I have made at Kenyon. For instance this past break the three boys you saw in the picture played a soccer tournament with many of my old high school buddies. When Miguel came home for spring break last year we went and hung out at Uconn with my good friends who go there. Not to mention having extra people in the house is like having another sibling or two. That means individuals to do activities with. Go to the movies, play board games, or shoot some hoops. Plus your friends get a chance to see how you really operate at home. They get to meet the people who sent you on your way at Kenyon. Your family, like mine, will learn to love your friends as much as you do. Plus who wouldn't want to play catch phrase with my 75 year old grandmother? What I am saying is if someone approaches you about your break plans and they don't seem to know theirs, offer a stay. Extend a hand. Many students spend the holiday together and it is truly a worth while experience. Plus you will have someone who understands when you have to do all of that homework assigned over break. Also trust me on this one. You are going to want to buy Risk.