Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

That time I interviewed James Dennin

Susannah Green
April 8, 2013

He has great taste in books. He likes the BFEC a lot. He offers groundbreaking advice for future Kenyon students everywhere. And that's just the beginning! Read on for more exciting revelations during my Photo Booth-filmed, no holds barred interview with senior QK blogger James Dennin.

Some things you should know before you start watching:

* We did the interview in a practice room in Rosse. That's why you occasionally hear someone playing piano in the background. 
* In case you were wondering, yes that is me you see in the background around the 6 second and 2:30 minute marks (specifically and respectively, me waving around the journal with my interview questions, and part of my arm/elbow). There was a mirror in the practice room that I accidentally filmed as part of my super high tech recording method.
* Speaking of my recording methods, we had to conduct the first part of the interview 3 different times due to technical difficulties (forgot to hit record, phone died).   That's why James enthusiastically says "third try, let's do this!" at the beginning of the interview (thanks again James!)
* Around the 4:20 mark: "The Cove" (real name "Gambier Grill") is Kenyon's late night bar/restaurant, aka the place a lot of upperclassmen head to after midnight on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Also home of the "mac and cheese wedges" James mentions. At 4:40 we randomly discuss Indian food in Mount Vernon (the closest major town to Kenyon) for awhile. Henry's was an Indian restaurant that isn't really serving Indian food anymore, and Bombay Garden and Bayleaf are two other Mount Vernon Indian restaurants. 
* We both mention the BFEC (pronounced Bee-Feck) a couple times. BFEC=Brown Family Environmental Center. It's a nature preserve across the road from Kenyon's main entrance and it's really pretty!