Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

That time I partied with my professors aka Fandango

Susannah Green
February 10, 2013

Every year, exactly one hundred days before graduation, the senior class embarks on a magical night known as Fandango. It's basically prom plus professors and wine: you dress up, take pictures, and spend two hours sloppily hugging 400 of your closest friends (while wondering out loud if you should tell your sophomore year poli sci professor, standing two feet away, that you once stalked his LinkedIn). Read on for more highlights (and pictures) from my own experience at Fandango, which happened this past Friday night. 

1. Getting ready

Since my weekday look tends to be so unvarying and warmth-oriented that it resembles a uniform (sweater, jeans, boots, giant scarf) I decided to really step it up for Fandango. As shown, I opted for a black peplum dress with cutout sleeves, sparkly stud earrings, and red lipstick. This is the final product:


 ("Respectable" and "fun.")

2. Arrival

Fandango took place in Gund Ballroom this year. I reallyyy wish I had used a real camera and/or had taken more pictures, because the set up was lovely and this picture doesn't do it justice. There was a balloon archway over the door, lots of round tables set up with tablecloths and other nice table-top accessories (for those who prefer to schmooze sitting down) and then two long tables filled with all kinds of tasty snacks plus red and white wine. I'm pretty sure they even had champagne, although they were out by the time I got there. Note to future seniors: get there right at 7! Fandango goes by really fast. Plus, champagne. 

3. The event!

Yay Fandango! Again, not the greatest picture, but it was so fun to see all of my friends dressed up and chatting with each other and their professors. Plus there was dancing and live music, thanks to amazing student band A Sassy Nation. The highlight of the night (for me anyway) was getting to sip wine while casually discussing jobs/the future/"real life" with my advisor, the kind and brilliant Deborah Laycock. I also got to have longer conversations with some people I only see in class or in passing, which was really nice. Also, I got to talk to all of my fellow senior QK bloggers, aka James, Frances, Ariana, and Jake. You guys looked awesome!

4. Post Fandango

Fandango ended at 9, which left 3 hours to fill before it was acceptable to go to the Cove. In my case, this somehow became going back to my friends' apartment and singing the confrontation song from Les Mis. Also most of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

5. Post Post Fandango


Aka cove o'clock. This is the only picture I have, but trust me, it was really fun.