Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

The Art of Napping at Kenyon.

Andrew Parmelee
July 22, 2013

So I know what you are thinking.... Yes, we do take naps at Kenyon. There are a few types and there a few places. Let me lay it down for you. (that last sentence was kind of a pun, pretty Kenyon of me eh?) 

1) The in-between class nap- This nap is obviously one which takes place in between classes. Usually we have an hour and ten minutes between classes, which is a great opportunity to join a cat for a nap. If your class is close to your dorm, GO BACK TO YOUR BED. The best sleep usually happens there, plus maybe you can even throw on some jammies. If the dorm is not an option, you can try the lawn if its nice out! Next try pierce pub, or lower dempsy, both have couches, and both are good spots in the morning and late afternoon. 

2) That I'm Reading a Text Book but I'm Struggggggggglliinnn nap- This type of nap usually happens in the library, which is a problem because everyone and their sister is there. A few options for ya. There are couches on the second floor, however, those are in high traffic areas and can mean a potentially embarrassing snapchat of you with your mouth open. Better options is trying to find a spot at the end of a bookcase and laying your head down for 10-15 minutes. If you can get a study room with some friends, also a great opportunity to re-energize. The third floor is the "quiet floor" and also is usually less crowded. I would suggest trying to find a spot there. 

3) That, I've got some time on my hands, but don't really wanna go back to my dorm nap- Ascension reading room. That's pretty much all you need to know. 

4) When everyone naps nap- Almost all avid nappers nap in the afternoon. So if you are a social butterfly and like company, get you nap in after the classes have finished for the day and sleep while your friends sleep. This time is usually from 4-6. I wouldn't suggest sleeping for all 2 hours, but sometimes you need it!!!

5) Helpful Tips for Napping around Campus- Make friends with someone with a couch and is close to the academic quad. Always have your iPod on you in order to just turn on some Norah Jones and fall asleep. If you need a quick nap but have a lot of work, drink a cup of coffee before napping, set your alarm for 30 minutes, which should be around the time it takes the coffee to take effect, and you will wake up feeling new. Figure out which of your friends likes to send pictures of you sleeping to all your buddies and avoid their work spaces. Places to consider for naps... The Church...The Science Quad....Gund Commons basement.......The KAC.