Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Kenyon, College in General, and Being Twenty

Mia Barnett
July 3, 2013

Going to college is tough. People will want to give you all sorts of advice, but it's your job to discern what is actually useful. Here's what I wish I knew before I came to college. 

1. It’s a weird pseudo-adult transition period- College seems like the time when you should start doing adult things like opening up your own credit card and doing your own taxes. But you’re caught between wanting to act like a real-life adult and still needing to call your mom when you can’t decide which classes to take. But it’s ok! You don’t have to be a complete adult yet! Your mom really likes it when you call so definitely don’t stop doing that. Maybe teach her how to SnapChat, so she can make sure you stay involved in everything she does everyday.

My mother's Snapchat

An example of a Mom Snapchat.

2. Things work out- It’s scary to go to college. It’s scary to go to Kenyon and not sign up for classes until two days before the semester begins. It’s scary to apply for summer internships and live on your own and cook meals that are both cheap and edible. But even though all that looks scary, it will work out! You’ll go to college. You’ll get to Kenyon and find classes to take and like them. You’ll find internships and cook things like half-baked quiches that you have to microwave in coffee mugs in order to avoid eating raw egg. And guess what? It will taste amazing. You just have to be patient and let things work themselves out.

Successful food!

Sometimes food works out. Look at this thing we cooked! Yay semi-adulthood!

3. Be careful about packing- So you may think that you want to replicate your room from home at college. At least I did. But you don’t. Trust me. Bring the essentials, and you can always call home and have your mom ship you something if it becomes necessary. Or, chances are you can buy it at Walmart. After you move approximately seven times in just two years, you really want to make hauling your stuff around as easy on yourself as possible.

There are probably a million more things that are slipping my mind. Maybe this should become a series.