Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Things You Can Do Over Reading Days

Madeleine Thompson
October 7, 2014

Reading Days are here! Or “fall break” if that’s easier for you. I like to call them Reading Days because then I feel slightly more motivated to do some actual reading. This beautiful four-day weekend is indeed intended to allow students to have some time to study for midterms, but I can’t say I’ve ever really used it for that as much as I should have. Instead, since this is about the time the leaves get crunchy and the weather finally starts to cool off, I think you should take a well-deserved break and do something fun (if you’re not going home, that is). Here are some ideas, in no particular order, about what to do:

1. Go apple picking.

Branstool Orchards is only about half an hour from Gambier and offers a great opportunity to get your fill of fall fruit. They even have a list of what kinds of apples will be ripe during which months so you can pretend to be an expert or something. Here is a stock photo of a cute kid who looks mildly pleased to be apple picking:

2. Visit Columbus.

Columbus is cool, and I’m willing to bet you know at least two people who are from there or the surrounding suburbs. Grab one of them and make them show you around! The German Village is really cute and has Harvest Pizzeria, which is delicious. Easton Town Center will cover all your shopping needs, and the Short North is a great place to walk around and find some food. It’s nice to get off the Hill once in a while. See also: Jeni’s ice cream and the North Market. Whatever, it’s lunch time while I’m writing this. Here is a stock photo of the North Market, which as I mentioned has yummy food in it:

3. Explore Amish Country.

How much do you actually know about the people who sell jam and baskets on Middle Path from time to time? You may have been waylaid by one of their horse-and-buggies at some point, so you should definitely go visit Amish Country in Holmes County and learn more. It’s cute and quaint and educational, so it’s probably the least guilt-inducing alternative to doing homework. This Saturday, they’re having a garage sale and apple butter stirring! Here is a stock photo of something that should look at least vaguely familiar to you by now:

4. Go to a sporting event.

Support your hard-working, athletic classmates! This weekend there are men’s and women’s soccer games that could definitely use an extra spectator or two or three. Football is away at Hiram, but that’s not far and could make a fun field trip. Don’t you miss your high school days of cheering from the sidelines? No? Either way, watching sports is fun, and I’m sure that cute soccer player in your Quest class will finally notice you. Here is a stock photo of some excited sports fans:

5. Marathon a TV show.

Yeah, like a whole TV show. Don’t even try to tell me you couldn’t possibly watch a whole TV show in four days — I know you can. We’ve all done it. “Gilmore Girls” just hit Netflix, so I don’t know about y’all, but I’m booked pretty solid from now until forever. Also, “Parks and Rec,” “Sherlock,” “Friday Night Lights” ... I could go on. If you start right now, I bet you could be done by next Monday morning. Here is a stock photo of the best view in the house: