Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

W is for “What It Do”

Olubusola "Busola" Olukoya
November 16, 2014

Halloween, like anything else at Kenyon, can be anything you want it to be. My freshman year, I dressed up as Einstein and screamed "hallo" at people from the circulation desk at the library all night (don't you wish I had a video of that event!). This year, I decided to go out with a bang; I was Clark Kent by day and Superman by night. Julia Warga, from the department of library services, invited me to her house for trick-or-treating along with her host daughter, Nonto Mdluli, who was Batman for the day. We had so much fun walking around with Julia's son, Charlie.


That weekend, I also went to my first Halloween party. It was a small get-together at my friend's apartment. We basically played Bananagrams (also a first), ate cookies and listened to good music. However, there are other ways to celebrate Halloween at Kenyon:

  • Costume parade at Wiggin Street, the elementary school near campus, where Kenyon students are invited to help out/participate.

  • Halloween party at the Village Community Center, behind the KAC, involving food, dancing, games and prizes.

  • Trick-or-treating in Mount Vernon as well as any town close to the 'bier: the great thing about trick-or-treating here is that all the towns have set their trick-or-treating for different days throughout the week of Halloween, so you can basically go to every one and get more candy!!

  • That Old Kenyon Party: There's always one of these each year. This year's was hosted by the Peeps o' Kenyon and featured two "policemen" with stunt guns making sure everyone had a good time.

  • CA-sponsored Activities: The Community Advisor (CA) activity that took the cake this year was Haunted Leonard. Besides the hilarity of seeing your friends dressed up as ghouls and other scary beings, it was really fun (in an if-you-like-haunted-houses way).

Fast forward to the weekend after Halloween, and it’s the International Formal, the most "it" party of the semester (step aside, Shock Your Mom). I have been involved with planning the formal since junior year, and it's no easy feat, but this year's formal was just great! Everything came together so nicely and everyone had a great time!


Now that those major social events are behind me, I just want to work on comps forever.