Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

When to KAC

Andrew Parmelee
February 25, 2014

SO. The Kenyon Athletic Center (KAC) is my second home. I am there all the time, but it can get busy. Here are some ideas and some thoughts for guidance as you move into your Kenyon workout routines. First of all, you want to avoid the 4:00pm-6:00pm time slots Mondays-Fridays. This is the busiest time in the whole entire world. Imagine a colony of ants, all of whom are really health conscious, now give those ants a lot of classes to take during the day and give them class off from 4:00-7:00pm. What do you think will happen? (hint: the ants are going to the KAC, unless of course someone drops a Dorito on the path down to the KAC, then they might stop and snack but most likely the KAC will be filled with ants). I think you understand what I am saying. Also don't forget the ants who have sports to play. They often have athletic training at the times where all the other ants have free. It is one big ant mess. SO. How do we avoid this? When is it a good time to go and work out? There a few schools of thought. There is the early morning work out crew (myself and my roommates, along with many other seniors trying to get into a job routine, also #springbreak). Since the KAC opens mighty early (6:00 am) this time is for those dedicated to fitness, but want an empty weight room. You will see a lot of professors there, so make sure you bring your thinking caps, but you will also never have to wait for a machine and the 90s XM radio is particularly good in the morning. The only drawback of this plan is that you do not get much sleep, so you would have to go to bed early and really use your time effectively during the day in order to get to bed at a decent hour. I would not recommend this style of lift or workout if you are in season. The next idea is to go mid-day, early afternoon. If you can work your schedule out so you do not have class past 12:00pm, then this could be for you. Try and take advantage of the quiet time down at the KAC. The middle of the day is that time. The only issue is all Kenyon students have a million meetings, and are too busy to leave the hill for an extended amount of time. This final time is late night. If you work best in the morning (school wise), then maybe this is for you. It is much like the morning period, with small lines for machines and no waiting for treadmills, but the color changing lights in the KAC look better (cuz it is dark).

The weekend times are actually a great time to go to the KAC as well. I like to go and sauna on the weekends, as well as workout in the late afternoon. Nothing better than getting a nice sweat in before heading out for the night. Either way, you will soon discover your own routine and it will work for you. Whatever it is, stick with it and keep elliptical-ing.