Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Why senior year is the best one yet

Susannah Green
December 11, 2012

It is a time-honored tradition at Kenyon College that seniors get to complain about being seniors as much as humanly possible.  The phrases “comps” “grad school” and “I’m going to have to live in a box” comprise approximately 80% of all conversations. The dirty little secret behind all this kvetching is that senior year is actually pretty awesome, despite (and even because of) the extra work and looming prospect of the Real World.

And so, without further ado, a list of the top 3 best things that you can look forward to your final year on The Hill... 

1)   Making a senior bucket list

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of my favorite new activities is crossing items off of my senior bucket list. When you’re a senior, everything you’ve never tried before—eating at Friday café, taking artsy photos at the BFEC, midnight skinny-dipping in the Kokosing, etc—suddenly takes on a new and radical urgency. It is SENIOR YEAR for god’s sake, if you don’t try the pumpkin-flavored ice cream at the bookstore now, then when?? Committing to a good SBL is the less lame equivalent of embracing “YOLO” as your new life mantra (not to mention an excellent excuse to put off comps so you can “make the most of senior year!”), and I highly recommend it. 

2) Club Olin (or, Libs parties 101) 


While it’s true that you’ll spend some late nights in Olin library (“the libs,” “the libe” or “Club Olin” depending on your preference) it also becomes your home away from home. You have Your Floor, and Your Desk, and Your Basement Coffee/Vending Machine Snack combo (I recommend the donut shop blend paired with a Reese’s). Best of all, you bond with your fellow post 10 pm regulars (read: seniors).  I’m not saying that you’ll spend every night at the library until 2 am, but the times you do stay late are sometimes pretty entertaining and often, surprisingly enlightening. This year alone, I’ve been introduced to several new food/lifestyle blogs (perfect for a "15 minute" aka 40 minute break), created a comps study group (haven’t actually met with them yet but it’s the thought that counts), and discovered a microwave in the basement (reheated WiggleGround lattes! Yes!)--all just from staying in the libs past 10. CLUB OLIN. Embrace it.   

3) I

One of the best things about Kenyon—whether you’re a freshman or a senior—is that almost everyone is super friendly and thinks whatever you’re into is awesome. Whether that’s your intramural soccer team or your not-so-secret love of Harry Potter fanfiction, you’ll probably meet a surprising number of people who share your interests and/or nerdy pastimes. But what’s even better about senior year is that the “we’re all in this together” attitude brought on by comps/impending graduation brings people together in new and unexpected ways. That guy from your history seminar suddenly stops you to chat about your topic. That girl who went to Rome last semester wants to catch up and grab a latte at “WiggleGround." Everyone becomes nostalgic for their “Kenyon days” before they’re even over, which just makes everything (and everyone) that much more special.