Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Yo, It's Cold

Andrew Parmelee
January 25, 2014

So this past week (weeks) and for the foreseeable future, cold will be and has been included in the description of the weather. Being from Connecticut, I respond a little better than most to the cold, but it is still FREEZING. Your face hurts walking too and from your dormitory and your hair turns to stone exiting the shower, but the cold brings people together. I mean it literally brings people together. Snuggling or group hugs are good combatants of cold weather. There is also an emotional shift. Since everyone is dealing with the elements, everyone comes together. Professors update you on their driveway and the amount of shoveling required to clear it. The AVI staff has even more to talk to you about, and you really begin to appreciate middle path in the fall. Basically everyone's misery and complaining becomes a communities' glue. Even today I was pushing someone's car out of the snow alongside an English professor (Kind of fun). Now nothing is more beautiful than sitting in Thomas or swimming at the KAC during a snow storm. So if it does start to really snow, run to one of those places. You might be wondering about the heating situations here at Kenyon, and let me tell you... do not worry. The dorms are kept plenty hot for all of you cold-blooded individuals and you will have plenty of time to thaw those toes. In case you are truly worried however, below are some helpful hints listed about dealing with adverse weather conditions. 


1) You want to minimize trips outside, so any books you need for the library, anything you can do in your dorm room, DO IT. 

2) Make linear movements. Plan out where you going. Move from building to building in an effective manner. Pick your exits appropriately. All these things can save you a little bit of walk in the cold, which over the week might just make all the difference. 

3) Don't be afraid to wear 3 hats and 5 pairs of gloves. But honestly, the scarf, hat, glove combo cannot be overlooked. 

4) Hot drinks, Hot drinks. Warm the insides, so you keep what is important nice and toasty. 

5) Layer appropriately. The buildings are nice and toasty so make sure you can take off a jacket or something as you go into a building. That is important because otherwise you will be sweating in your political science class. 


Well hope these help!! 

Stay warm